So you’re looking for a perfect summer holiday in the U.k? Well despite many people overlooking the unfathomable beauty of these countries there is much to see and do for everyone of all ages and fitting to all budgets. From the enchanting woodlands of ‘leafy Sussex’ to The imposing mountains of Snowdonia the United Kingdom is unjustly overlooked by holiday makers preferring to escape to a warmer climate. The idea that the U.k is just a cold, rainy and boring landscape couldn’t be more wrong. Listed below are 5 memorable places from all over the U.k that earned a place in my heart and hopefully you’ll fall in love with them as well. 


Caernarfon castle, Caernarfon
Photo credit: Roff Smith

Caernarfon | Snowdonia, North Wales

Many have heard of mount Snowdon, it’s a goal for many avid hikers and adventurers and just one of the many things to do during your stay in Snowdonia. However not far from the impressive mountain range is The quaint town of Caernarfon situated in the shadow of the famous Caernarfon castle and is filled with many opportunities for new memories to be made and dreams to be fulfilled. Hidden in the winding streets of the town are many fantastic eateries, some of which  have made my hall of fame of best food I’ve eaten on all of my travels. The idyllic town is a definite must see and only a short ferry ride away from Northern Ireland, making it perfect for a good old fashioned road trip. 

Exmoor | Somerset

Exmoor pony| Photo credit: Roff Smith

Magical. The only adjective that could ever come close to explaining the captivating serenity and breathtaking views of this area of the country. With thriving seaside towns, Rolling hills and gateways into history through the preserved castles, Exmoor really is the perfect holiday destination with equal parts of adventure and relaxation. It is Very accessible from anywhere in the country making it an easy escape from your daily life. Who could resist the temptation of a limitless holiday without even having to travel out of the U.K? 




Sheep grazing on the farming land near Carisbrooke Castle.
photo credit: Roff Smith

Isle of Wight

Small in size but definitely big on fun, this island is truly the place to go for an unforgettable adventure. Year round the island is home to many different attractions, old Castles holding the memories of times long ago, taking cream tea at Queen Victoria’s favourite palace, feeding penguins and all sorts of incredible animals and hunting for dinosaur fossils on the beach are but a few of the many excursions the island has to offer with its calm, quiet atmosphere and stunning views being the perfect backdrop to a holiday like no other that will leave you wanting to go back time after time. Who knew such a small island could offer so much? Truly a must see for anyone travelling in England. 


Ring of Brodgar, Neolithic henge.
Photo credits: Roff Smith


Orkney Isles

Not many people hear about Orkney and far less people venture there. A real shame. You really must not make the same mistake, for the history rich islands make a fantastic escape into the wilderness. From the perfectly preserved Stone Age village Skara Brae to the imposing and mesmerising Neolithic henge called the Ring of Brodgar, there is so much in Orkney waiting to be discovered by you and not to mention the fun you can have on your way there! Road trip anyone? 



Hastings | East Sussex

Ice cream seller, Hastings promenade
Photo credit: Roff Smith

The seaside town of Hastings in what is nicknamed ‘leafy Sussex’ is a great place to go. Most people know of the battle of Hastings in 1066 and as the name indicates, this is where it all happened. But that’s far from the only selling point of this lovely little town, whilst in Hastings you can explore the old labyrinth of tunnels and caves once used by the smugglers themselves, Spend a typical day at the seaside with buckets and spades and sticks of rock, see the very place where King Harold died all those years ago and also celebrate the beginning of spring with May Day and Jack in the green, Hastings being one of the last towns to actually celebrate this ancient holiday with parades, fireworks and may pole dancing. It’s also in the prime location for driving to many other fascinating places and only 70 minutes on the train to get to London.