The Isle of wight is well known amongst avid UK travellers as a breathtaking island to eradicate all the stress out of your life. Its stunning landscape creates a scenic backdrop to your unforgettable holiday and as one of the last places left to see the native red squirrels it’s a definite ‘go to’ holiday destination. I have been here over 50 times in my life and I never Get bored of the idea of going again. If you are lucky enough to be going then here are some of the best things to do whilst there, I say some because honestly there is too much here to see and do in just on (or even 50!) visits. 

What to do?

Blackgang chine:

The Isle of Wight is the birth place of many magical memories that children will cherish forever. Watch your children run around, exploring the wonderfully immersive fantasy lands designed especially for adventure seeking youngsters. Run around in cowboy town chasing your siblings through the saloon or locking them up in the pretend jail, explore the pirate ships and take aim with the water guns and fire upon the enemy across the moat – or rather blue asphalt- or compete in a game of 3D snakes and ladders, try and get to the top to to go down the huge slide all the way down. Children will love this place, topped off with delicious pizza, roller coasters and water slides, they will never want to leave. 

Osbourne House: 

Queen Victoria’s best loved summer residence, the Italianate Osborne House ner Cowes on the Isle of Wight

This ornate Victorian palace was once a favourite of Queen Victoria herself and it’s not hard to see why. If you don’t want to go inside the house and the dated yet stunning interior of the palace, don’t worry, there is plenty to do outside. Take a turn about the gardens, skillfully maintained and designed by the designated gardeners, enjoying the ocean views and the now tiny spinnaker poking out from the horizon. Halfway through the grounds of the estate, you will find a beautiful, serene garden terrace offering a traditional cream tea that you can enjoy, fully immersed in the life of Victorian royalty. I mean, it can’t get much better, can it? Well, yes it can. About a 15 minute walk to the private beach on the estate, there is a small ice cream cafe where you can sit out and enjoy a good ol’ Knickerbocker glory accompanied by the sounds of the waves meeting the shore. The best past of this, of course, is the fact that many people don’t venture down this far so you may be lucky enough to have the whole beach to yourself! Visit around Christmas times and you can experience a true Victorian Christmas with roasted walnuts, old fashioned games, carols by the huge Christmas tree, Christmas light gardens, open fire for roasting marshmallows and my favourite: the good ol’ carousel. The extra food available during this time is amazing, my favourite being the turkey and cranberry burger and a candy cane hot chocolate. In the words of Michael Buble, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”



Mediaeval church at Godshill, Isle of Wight, England


Godshill is the literal definition of a quintessential English village, boasting some of the oldest architecture the island has to offer. The winding, quiet road flowing through the town is lined with thatched cottages, wonderful tearooms, small shops and just off to one side is a charming, 14th century church. God’s hill, despite gaining popularity, has never lost its unique charm With the local shops selling crafts and food and the very popular, highly detailed, miniature village. The easy access to Godshill, in the centre        of the Isle of Wight, means there is no excuse not to visit this picturesque village.


Garlic farm:

Vampires, I’m sorry but this attraction won’t be one you’ll enjoy. Newchurch is home to the Garlic farm, this the best place to try their freshly made garlic chutneys, sauces and even chocolate, In fact you may have seen their products in many of your local farm and garden shops! Walk freely around the farm and try to spot the peacocks, pigs, horses, red squirrels and highland cattle in the fields grazing on cloves (the secret I learned to getting the best tasting garlic).With the farm hosting many special event days, it may be a good idea to plan ahead so you don’t gmiss out on a fantastic day. This farm can tell you all about the secret involvement of the Isle of Wight in WW2, how to best cook, grow and all the many types of garlic that you didn’t know there were! After you’ve finished sampling all the tasters in the tasting room, don’t panic, you can eat at their delicious restaurant serving unique twists to some of our most beloved dishes. 


Where to Stay: 

Languard Holiday Park:

This holiday park is perfect for families, with evening entertainment at the kids club, 2 great play parks, onsite shop and restaurant and not to mention the amazing indoor pool! offering both lodges and caravans for accommodation, you can’t go wrong. Some of my fondest childhood memories are being sat around the round kitchen table in the caravan having our traditional, exotic meal of pesto pasta on the first night. Staying here cloaks the whole holiday in a sense of wonderment and excitement. 



Travelodge, Newport: 

More budget friendly than the caravan accommodation is the Travelodge in the heart of the modern town of Newport. Being right around the corner is a Wetherspoons (I can hear you cheering) in a repurposed church serving delicious food with appetising prices,makes this an ideal place to stay and at only walking distance from the heart of the Isle of Wight makes this a great hub for reaching all the best places. The Travelodge offers a lovely breakfast and the rooms themselves are really nice, the fact that it’s on a side alley from the main street shields you from any noise. Another great benefit of this Travelodge is its opposite a car parking area with free overnight parking so it’s a really ideal location. 


Where to eat?


Picnic days:

Although not a place to eat, one of my biggest recommendations is that you make a picnic, take yourself to a wonderful place be it a park or amusement park and enjoy a homemade picnic with your loved ones. The peace and quiet of the Isle of Wight makes it truly the perfect place to picnic and even though it’s Cost effective but the memories made are beyond priceless. 



Chocolate Island -Godshill:

















Chocolate here, chocolate there, chocolate everywhere! Seriously, this place is a heaven for those with a sweet tooth. The shop is filled with chocolate treats,big and small, that you can take home for friends and family back home. You can even watch the chocolates being made through the huge viewing window into their kitchens, if you’re lucky they may even have some samples! By far one of my favourite aspects of this is the all chocolate cafe out back, serving chocolate tapas, chocolate cream teas and even shots of melted chocolate- chocolate is not in short supply here!