The Magic of Orkney and all its History


There are many stories we have been told since childhood of dragons, witches and magic but when in Orkney those stories no longer feel like fiction. With the misty woodlands and hidden past it is difficult to not let your imagination wander as you trail through the wonderful wilderness or as you gaze above at the Northern lights whilst encircled by the imposing neolithic Ring of Brodgar. Orkney, they say, was one of the most magical places in a country built on myths and legends but truth be told, if you look hard enough, you will still see the same magic that has long since been thought to be forgotten.  You simply must come and explore the magic of Orkney and all its History.


Skara Brae: 

Photo credits: Unknown original photographer

We tend to forget that these places, these people, are not just lines in a textbook but rather that they actually existed just like you and me. Skara Brae does not forget, it never will. At 5000 years old Skara Brae remains to be one of Europe’s best preserved prehistoric settlements and has been a silent slave to the weather since its abandonment all those millennia ago, shrouding it from human knowledge until the mid 19th century but now you can go and walk around this ancient home, the only difference between then and now being the view white sand beach of Skaill rather than the farmland that would have been there so many lifetimes ago. Leaving with a memory that, last the ancient memories of Skara Brae will carry on for another lifetime. 


The Ring Of Brodgar: 


Ring of Brodgar, Neolithic henge.
Photo credits: Roff Smith

The Ring of Brodgar is a neolithic henge situated in a natural ‘cauldron’ of rolling hills and is the third largest henge in the British Isles. The stones making up the henge are much smaller than the giant megaliths that make up the standing stones Stenness, not too far from Brodgar, as they measure at a “measly” 7-15ft in height. It is thought to have been erected in 2500 BC although no date can be set in stone – pun intended- as it has never been fully excavated. Seeing such a sight can be truly overwhelming as you stand there feeling so small in an uninterrupted area of astounding beauty with the shadow of history looming over you. You simply must go and feel the magic of these areas and in a remote place such as Orkney, you may be lucky to have a private moment with the monument yourself and feel the sun warmed stones from thousands of years ago underneath your very hand, Just think about the stories of all those who came and went way before you…


Photo Credit: Unknown original photographer


The main town of Orkney has stayed true to its heritage and it is still very much a viking town at heart resting in the shadow of the dominating 12th century cathedral, St Magnus. The town itself is home to a very diverse range of eateries and local businesses with what was voted Scotland’s most Beautiful high street as well, with picturesque flower lined streets and bunting thrusting the town into one of cheer to match with the friendly, and welcoming, people of Orkney. A definite must go for a lovely day, nosing in all the bespoke shops to see the local crafts or to end your day with a delicious meal.



There are a great number of wonderful places to stay in Orkney, from campsites for you to lodge in on your Great British road trip or, my personal favourite, B&B’s. With so many to choose from it can be overwhelming to choose but each one has its own unique charm to it that none of the others can provide! Where better than to stay with the locals themselves to get the best tips on how to make the most of yours stay whilst talking over tea and toast in the morning, can it get better than that? 

Disney Pixars’ Brave was actually set here, with the famous henge in the film being based of the Ring Of Brodgar yourself, so will you follow your Will-o’-the-wisp to Okrney or will you come here to write your own destiny? The choice is yours.